Pet Turf for Veterinarian Offices

Pet Turf
Dr. Younker’s “After Picture” Pet Turf

Dr. Younker's "Before Picture" Pet Turf

Dr. Younker’s “Before Picture” Pet Turf

Pet Turf – Synthetic Grass for Dogs

Pet turf is a wonderful option for high traffic vet offices and dog kennels. These photos speak for themselves regarding the aesthetic appeal turf creates for dig yards, while this quote from Dr. Younker speaks for the service that synthetic grass provides for pets:

“The day Graham installed out synthetic grass was the day the quality of care of the dogs in out kennel transformed! We went from a constantly dirty, muddy mess to a clean and easy-to-maintain area for walking the dogs and outside play. I’ll never build another facility without it. Installation was quick and quality. We have had no problems. So glad I did this!”

-Dr. Steve Younker, D.V.M.

Fayette Veterinary Medical Ctr.

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