Huntsville AL Putting Green

Auburn AL Putting Green

Auburn AL Putting Green

Southern Greens is the South’s premier installer of artificial turf putting greens. This is an example of one putting green installed in Auburn AL. Please give us a call to have an expert come and give a free estimate at your home or business. Call us today – 334-521-1070.

We install putting greens, turf for landscape applications, play area turf, and of course, pet turf! Check out our photos to see some of our work!


Huntsville, AL Putting Green

When it comes to installing artificial turf putting greens, Southern Greens is the best in the southeast. Do you want a green that plays just like a professional real grass putting green? Then look no further; Southern Greens can build you a completely customizable putting green. We can build your green with undulations, ball breaks, and even a sand-filled bunker. No yard is too small or big to install a putting green. We can custom-fit your putting green to your yard. Never has it been this easy to practice like the pros than it is with your own personal putting green. Tired of having to pay golf course fees? Let Southern Greens install a personalized putting green in your yard. With an artificial turf putting green, there is little to no maintenance required. You do not have to water, mow, or fertilize your artificial turf or putting green. Our artificial turf putting greens are built to last; our greens are built with the highest quality and expert craftsmanship. Southern Greens specializes in a bent grass putting green, which gives you the most realistic putting you can find outside of a real grass putting green. Southern Greens uses this process of installing an artificial turf putting green. First we remove any existing vegetation. then we bring in rock that creates the base layer for the putting green. We then smooth this base layer and compact it. Then we bring in a leveling layer of limestone fines to create your breaks and undulations. We smooth this out and then compact that as well. Once the base layer is complete it is time to measure and lay out the putting surface. The putting surface is cut in and shaped and then we measure and cut in the fringe turf. Once that is done we fasten it into place with nails and spikes so that it doesn’t move. Then we spread sand over the putting surface and fringe and brush in the sand. The last step is to roll the green to make it roll like a true bent grass putting green. Southern Greens prides itself on making sure our customers are satisfied with our products. We guarantee that you will love your new artificial turf putting green!

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