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Backyard putting greens - artificial turf

Project Scope:

Installation of Putting Greens around a Pool
The inaugural project of the year, located in Mobile, Alabama, featured a 9,000 square foot area with two putting greens seamlessly integrated into landscape turf surrounding a pool. The project was completed within a three-week timeframe.

Project Goals

  • Putting Greens – The objective was to establish a golfing environment conducive to both serious players seeking skill enhancement and individuals of all ages looking for recreational enjoyment.
  • Aesthetics– Installing artificial turf is intended to establish a visually appealing space that seamlessly blends with the pool and landscaping, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the surroundings.
  • Maintenance Free-Artificial turf offers a maintenance-free solution for landscaping, including putting greens, as it doesn’t need mowing, watering, fertilizing, or pest control like natural grass does. It’s durable and long-lasting, needing little maintenance, making it an easy choice for a lush green putting surface.
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Implementation Phases

  • Preparation: Clear and level the installation area, ensuring proper drainage.
  • Base Installation: Lay and compact a stable foundation material.
  • Turf Placement: Roll out and trim the artificial turf to fit the area precisely.
  • Infill Application: Spread and distribute infill material evenly over the turf surface.
  • Finalization: Groom the turf for uniformity and test for desired ball roll consistency.

Challenges & Solutions