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Count on Southern Greens for your backyard fake grass installations in Alabama and beyond. Elevate your backyard with grass that won’t go brown! Synthetic grass is a simple way to elevate the look of your home and ensure that your landscape is always green and lush. Our turf is the highest quality. It’s great for kids and pets, making it a wonderful option for any yard. 

Why should you choose backyard fake grass for your home?

Turf — or fake grass — is becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and residential spaces. It gives homeowners an option for the least amount of maintenance and a beautiful green yard year-round. Turf can be used for a putting green in your yard, a pet play place, under a playground, or for your entire lawn. Synthetic grass requires less water and no chemical fertilizers for your lawn. Synthetic grass requires almost no maintenance. It is also hypoallergenic. Synthetic lawns drain efficiently and won’t create a muddy mess.

Owner of My Southern Greens Graham Radford and his design team look forward to creating your dream yard. At Southern Greens, we strive for perfection in every artificial turf installation. We take pride in our turf installations. We use only the best synthetic turf for our artificial turf installations by sourcing from the top manufacturers in the country. The turf we install comes with a 15 year manufacturer warranty including exposure to sunlight. Our professional installation coupled with proper annual maintenance will guarantee a beautiful and responsive putting green.

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There are several ways to get in touch with us. You can submit an inquiry form under the Contact Us tab on our -website and a representative will contact you directly. If you prefer to speak with someone personally, you can contact us at 850) 596-9190. You can also send an email to We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions! We guarantee you’ll love synthetic grass as much as we do, and we look forward to helping make your dream yard a reality! | Backyard Turf Installations | Southern Greens

30A Backyard Synthetic Grass Putting Greens

Southern Greens installs 30A backyard synthetic grass. Elevate your home with a backyard putting green or synthetic grass for year-round greenery. Southern Greens installs quality turf in both commercial and residential spaces across the southeast, providing the best service. 

Interested in upgrading your outdoor space? Give your yard a stunning makeover with evergreen turf! Our turf is made in the USA, perfect for quality installations. We’ve served clients all across the southeast for years, earning a reputation of quality service and customer satisfaction.

30A Backyard Synthetic Grass

Get to know Southern Greens

Owner Graham Radford runs and operates the day-to-day operations of Southern Greens. Southern Greens has a combined 26 years of synthetic grass installation experience, providing quality service. We find custom solutions to fit your particular needs for your yard. We specialize in residential playgrounds, sports turf, pet turf, and commercial and residential synthetic lawns. 

30A Backyard Synthetic Grass: Low Maintenance Backyards

Tired of cutting the grass? Never cut the grass again with a synthetic grass backyard! Many homeowners struggle to maintain green grass, taking away from an otherwise beautiful landscape. Never worry about a green yard again with synthetic grass, the #1 solution for your yard!

Atlanta Putting Greens installs quality turf that comes with a 15-year manufacturing warranty including exposure to sunlight. This premium turf will make your backyard low-maintenance and stunning. The synthetic grass is natural-looking and will shed and drain water properly for easy care. Never worry about drainage from rain, the kid’s slip ‘n slide, or dog urine ever again!

Why turf?

Turf is great for pets, kids, yards and putting greens as it is softer and more sustainable than real grass. Artificial grass is a sustainable, environmentally safe, and aesthetically pleasing choice. Plus, your dog won’t dig it up! Our turf is 100% recyclable turf, anti-allergen, and pet-friendly, making it a great choice in any backyard.

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There are several ways to get in touch with us. You can submit an inquiry form under the Contact Us tab on our website and a representative will contact you directly. If you prefer to speak with someone personally, you can contact us at 850-596-9190. You can also send an email to We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions! We guarantee you’ll love synthetic grass as much as we do! | Backyard Turf Installations | Southern Greens

Alabama Artificial Turf Installation Putting Greens

You can count on Southern Greens based in Alabama for your next artificial turf installation. Since 2009 Southern Greens has performed 100’s of artificial turf installations in the state of Alabama. Southern Greens specializes in artificial turf installations ranging from putting greens and landscaping upgrades to poolside improvements and playgrounds to athletic fields to dog runs. The possibilities are endless with turf installations and synthetic grass lawns, whether at your home or your business. 

About Southern Greens & Alabama Artificial Turf Installation

Owner Graham Radford and his design team look forward to designing a unique facility for your home or office. At My Southern Greens, we strive for perfection in every artificial turf installation. This is evident in all our work. We take pride in our turf installations. Southern Greens uses nothing but the best synthetic turf for our artificial turf installations. We source from the top manufacturers in the country.

Our team works to make sure your custom putting green or lawn meets or exceeds your expectations. With over 24 years of experience, Southern Greens can create simple and extravagant putting greens and synthetic lawns that homeowners and business owners can trust to last.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf is green all year long! It’s perfect for playgrounds, backyards, putting greens, or any other spaces you want turf installed. Imagine never mowing the lawn or watering your grass ever again! Having an alternative yard, playground space, or putting green is the way to go. Enjoy the beautiful advantages of synthetic turf!

You can see more of our Alabama Artificial Turf Installations here:

Call today for more information, to speak to a rep, or receive free samples. We look forward to working with you to give you the best artificial turf in the southeast!

Synthetic Turf in Alabama Montgomery Turf – Montgomery, AL | Southern Greens

Pet Turf Backyard – Montgomery, AL

Southern Greens recently installed a new dog yard. Check out the before and after picture! What an amazing upgrade. With this new anti-microbial and anti-allergenic product, the Forrest Hill pet clinic is now equipped more than ever to handle all animals in their area! Dogs now will not have to be washed after being let out, and the staff can make sure their play areas are safe and secure for the pets and clients.

Not only does the performance help with this clinic, but the aesthetics are a HUGE improvement! Check out these pics….

Pet turf Montgomery AL | | 850-596-9190 | Pet Turf Montgomery AL

Artificial Turf – Montgomery, AL

At Southern Greens we strive for perfection in every project we take on and this is extremely evident when it comes to our putting greens. We take pride in our putting greens and would put them up against anyone.

Each one of our greens are completely customized to the owners liking and no two are the same. We take the space we are given and work with the customer to make it flow seamlessly into the existing landscape. That design may include chipping pads, undulations, bunkers (sand or turf), or even a pad to go under the putting surface itself to help accept approach shots.

We start by removing any grass or native vegetation in the existing area and then fill it with a gravel road base. We then compact the area and bring in a very fine gravel on top to smooth out the putting surface and build up any undulations or bunkers one might have in mind. After we have allowed adequate time for our base to set up and harden we come back and lay our synthetic turf on top and give it a unique shape. We then fasten any seams in the turf with glue and nail the edges with 6 inch landscape spikes guaranteeing it to never peel up. The fringe of our greens is generally one to two feet of taller turf that will stop the ball from rolling off the green and give it a natural look.

Southern Greens is able to stimp your green to the same speed as your local or favorite golf course giving one the competitive edge needed to improve his or her short game. We are able to do this by infilling our turf with silica sand much like a live green. After we have filled the green with silica sand we come back and top dress with an anti microbial and antiallergenic sand. This sand is manufactured to be a perfect circle that helps the ball roll true and is infused with microban to stop mold and mildew from growing.

Southern Greens uses nothing but the best synthetic turf from the top manufactures in the country. Our products range from an 8 to 10 year manufacture warranty and we build them to outlast that warranty many times over. Southern Greens as a company has been installing putting greens for 6 years but has a combined 22 years of experience in the synthetic turf industry. We are recognized by the Synthetic Turf Council as qualified installers and stay up to date with all of the latest technology in our field.

At Southern Greens we aim to please our customers in every possible way and strive to make our greens realistic in look, feel, and play. We can install a green in your backyard that not only increases the look of your yard but adds a fun activity for your friends and family. If a synthetic turf putting green is something you are thinking about then take a look at our gallery of finished products and do not hesitate to call today. We would love to come out and give you a free estimate!

Montgomery Turf – Montgomery, AL

Backyards can be a huge issue when it comes to growing grass. Whether there is too much shade, poor soil, or dogs have trampled it for years; backyards can quickly become a money pit. That’s where Southern Greens comes in, our team can fix your muddy mess with our state of the art artificial turf.

Southern Greens has been installing artificial turf as a company for seven years but has a combined twenty-two years of experience. Our team has seen it all and is more than capable of handling anything a job might throw our way.

When considering synthetic turf the first step is getting in touch with someone on the Southern Greens team to come out and look at the area. If the decision is made to move forward from there the next step is to remove any vegetation that may exist. Removing the native vegetation prevents birdbaths or dips in the turf from decomposition. The next step is too bring in a gravel base very similar to what’s under paved roads. The first base is wet and tamped until it is compacted hard then a second load of gravel is brought in. The second load is made up of fines or stone dust similar to Quikrete and is wet and compacted until hard. At this point we are ready for turf, the turf is rolled out and any seams are fastened with turf adhesive and the edges are fastened with six-inch spikes. These spikes keep the turf firmly attached to the ground no matter how much a pet or child pulls.

Once the artificial turf is cut out and shaped the area is ready for sand. Our turf needs two to three pounds of sand per square foot. For regular yards with no pets we infill with silica sand and for yards with pets we infill with an envirofill product. Envirofill is acrylic coated silica sand infused with microban that helps to cut down urine and deposit smell as well as prevent mold and mildew. Once we have spread all the sand into the turf we power broom the turf fibers to make them stand up and give it a realistic look.

Upon completion of the project we will stay until everything looks better than it did when we arrived. We know that people’s private space is very important to them and that is why we leave every job with no evidence of being there. The Southern Greens team will stay until the homeowner is completely satisfied with his new artificial turf lawn.

Southern Greens uses nothing but the absolute best in artificial turf products. Products that have been tested vigorously by not only the manufacturer but also the installers at Southern Greens. Southern Greens turf products come with an eight to ten year manufacturers warranty and we install them to greatly outlast that number. The Synthetic Turf International recognizes Southern Greens as qualified turf installers, which means we install according to their standards and continually educate ourselves on new and evolving turf practices.

If artificial turf is something you or someone you know is interested in take a minute to scroll through our photo gallery of completed projects. Please do not hesitate to call someone at Southern Greens today!

Southern Greens | Montgomery Turf | 850-596-9190 | Montgomery Turf Putting Greens |Southern Greens

Pet Turf – Montgomery, AL

At Southern Greens we pride ourselves in the quality and attention to detail that we put into each of our projects. This is especially true when it comes to our pet turf.

We have installed turf specifically for pets for over 7 years now all across the southeast and have made many veterinarians and pet owners extremely happy. Ideal for veterinarians, pet lodging, or back yards with one or more dogs. Artificial turf is becoming the go to for any one who deals with large amounts of pets in a confined area. The first step we take is to come inspect the area that is in need of artificial grass and talk to the home or business owner about our product and the many benefits. After we decide to go ahead with the project we start by taking out any existing grass or vegetation. We then fill the area with a gravel road base 3 inches deep and compact it. After we have allowed that to harden we apply another 1 to 2 inches of fines or stone dust on top to make the area as flat as possible. We then proceed to roll out the turf and secure it with glue and 6 inch landscape spikes around the edges. This settles any issues with dogs trying to dig down or pull up the grass.

After our turf is secured we proceed to infill with envirofill, an anti-microbic and anti-allergenic product. This is acrylic coated silica sand that helps to kill microbes and reduce the smell of urine and deposit. Envirofill is infused with a microban product that prohibits microbes, mold, and mildew from growing.

Our turf varies from one and a half inch pile height to two inches and is covered with an 8-10 year manufactures warranty. A 20 ounce urethane backing protects and holds the turf together. The urethane backing of our turf is perforated and allows for water to drain through keeping it from pooling or creating birdbaths. We provide nothing but the absolute best in turf products and stand behind our products one hundred percent.

After our turf is installed we continue to stay available to the owners to answer any questions and provide assistance in any way possible. If synthetic turf is something you are considering contact us at Southern Greens and allow us to answer any questions you may have. To see more photos of the work we have completed head to

Pet turf Montgomery AL | | 850-596-9190 | Pet Turf Montgomery AL