At Southern Greens we pride ourselves in the quality and attention to detail that we put into each of our projects. This is especially true when it comes to our pet turf.

We have installed turf specifically for pets for over 7 years now all across the southeast and have made many veterinarians and pet owners extremely happy. Ideal for veterinarians, pet lodging, or back yards with one or more dogs. Artificial turf is becoming the go to for any one who deals with large amounts of pets in a confined area. The first step we take is to come inspect the area that is in need of artificial grass and talk to the home or business owner about our product and the many benefits. After we decide to go ahead with the project we start by taking out any existing grass or vegetation. We then fill the area with a gravel road base 3 inches deep and compact it. After we have allowed that to harden we apply another 1 to 2 inches of fines or stone dust on top to make the area as flat as possible. We then proceed to roll out the turf and secure it with glue and 6 inch landscape spikes around the edges. This settles any issues with dogs trying to dig down or pull up the grass.

After our turf is secured we proceed to infill with envirofill, an anti-microbic and anti-allergenic product. This is acrylic coated silica sand that helps to kill microbes and reduce the smell of urine and deposit. Envirofill is infused with a microban product that prohibits microbes, mold, and mildew from growing.

Our turf varies from one and a half inch pile height to two inches and is covered with an 8-10 year manufactures warranty. A 20 ounce urethane backing protects and holds the turf together. The urethane backing of our turf is perforated and allows for water to drain through keeping it from pooling or creating birdbaths. We provide nothing but the absolute best in turf products and stand behind our products one hundred percent.

After our turf is installed we continue to stay available to the owners to answer any questions and provide assistance in any way possible. If synthetic turf is something you are considering contact us at Southern Greens and allow us to answer any questions you may have. To see more photos of the work we have completed head to

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